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Hobatere Lodge

Owned by the ≠Khoadi-//Hôas Conservancy and managed by Journeys Namibia, Hobatere Lodge is a true success story in community-based tourism, creating income for the local communities, increasing conservation efforts, and mitigating the human-wildlife conflict. Please see our “Conservancies” Page for more information on this.

Destroyed by a devastating fire in 2011, the lodge was rebuilt with funds donated by the Millennium Challenge Account, and through hard work by the community, re-opened its doors in 2015. Journeys Namibia was granted the privilege of the management of this spectacular lodge, which has gone from strength to strength in its operations ever since.

With a strong focus on sustainable tourism, Hobatere Lodge and the ≠Khoadi-//Hôas Conservancy are proud to be part of an international case study on how conservation efforts can be successful and environmentally responsible. Every effort is made to lighten our footprint on the fragile eco-systems in this largely uninhabited north-western region and increase conservation efforts and awareness.

Home to a large number of game, you can hope to see elephant, lion, a large variety of buck, giraffe, and the rare Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra. At night, when the elusive creatures venture out, you might encounter the aardvark, Bat-eared Fox, Cape Fox, aardwolf, and genet. Although sightings can never be guaranteed as the game wanders freely, the chances of witnessing something spectacular are high in this spellbinding corner of the world.

Staying with us

Hobatere Lodge is a haven in the wilderness. Thatched roofs span the main entertainment and dining area, filling the air with the fragrant scents of the African savannah. Large verandas with ample seating and a firepit for the colder evenings offer spaces to watch the abundant game, with additional raised viewing decks.

On offer is a spacious restaurant, well-stocked bar, comfortable lounge area and curio shop for those looking to take gifts or mementos home. The veranda is the perfect place to unwind and watch the sun set with a drink, and the pool is available to cool off in. On winter evenings when our temperatures drop, the fire outside is lit to ensure you stay warm while watching the activity at the waterhole.

Your hosts at the cosy Hobatere Lodge are members of the local community on whose land the lodge rests, the ≠Khoadi-//Hôas Conservancy. With vested interests in the lodge their goal is to make your stay as welcoming and comfortable as possible, and they will go out of their way to ensure you are cared for.

With special focus on curbing the human-wildlife conflict, the ≠Khoadi-//Hôas Conservancy is a real testament to this endeavour, and hugely successful. More information on these efforts can be found on the Journeys website, with links to each of the lodges in their portfolio and their own avenues of conservation and survival.

Wi-Fi is available in the main building, however as this is supplied by satellite due to our remote location, it can often be intermittent. We kindly request that large uploads or downloads be limited where possible to allow for the best connection. Cell phone reception is also limited, so please do be aware of this. Every effort is made to ensure the Wi-Fi is functional and we have an IT team on standby.

During your stay with us you can expect comfort, pleasant staff, good food, and wonderful sights.


A stay at Hobatere Lodge is for the true nature lover, as you can immerse yourself in the bush, the wildlife, and the people. The experience here is centred on the fantastic wildlife within these borders, and in addition that of Etosha National Park, our neighbour. Due to proximity, day visits to the Park are a short drive away, expanding your viewing experience.

In the dry season, both Hobatere and Etosha are perfect for game-viewing as the birds and animals flock to the waterholes, making sightings easier. In the rainy season, game is harder to find as they wander the vast expanses with plentiful water in holes and natural dams. However, Namibia remains a spectacular experience in the “green season”, when the grass is high, the trees in bud, and with flitting butterflies and flowers dotting the plains.

For the avid birders, there are numerous species to be watch for. On check-in, be sure to mention to your hosts or your guides that birding is of interest, and where possible they will take the time to point out the different species for you.

  • Verreaux’s (Giant) Eagle Owl,
  • Rosy face lovebird,
  • Monteiro’s Hornbill,
  • Barecheek Babbler,
  • Hartlaub’s spurfowl,
  • Rock runners,
  • Nightjars,
  • Spotted thick-knee,
  • Knob-billed duck, (seasonal for breeding)
  • Rufous-cheeked nightjar, (seasonal for breeding)
  • Southern carmine bee-eater (seasonal for breeding).


Hobatere offers several game drives, from early morning excursions into the bush as the sun rises, or evening trips as the sun sets on another day in this idyllic paradise. Our trained guides will show you a variety of animals and birdlife as you go out and about with them, sharing their wealth of experience and knowledge on the area and game.

Bush dinners are on offer in our classic Boma, originally the term for a game enclosure, and normally an area sectioned off from the wild and secured with traditional wooden droppers or fencing. An evening in the outdoors under the stars, complemented by local cuisine cooked on an open fire, is a great experience for those wanting to enjoy nature and open-air dining. This experience is only available when possible, so please do enquire at reception if this interests you.

There are numerous other attractions within driving distance to ensure your days are packed full of adventure and sightings, so ensure you ask on booking and extend your stay with us in order to get the most from this spectacular corner of the world.

Tree House

The Treehouse is a fantastic experience for those looking for total immersion into nature, silence, and the peace of the bushveld. Holding a double bed and basic amenities including a bathroom, you can spend the night (or longer) perched in this indigenous Ana tree, watching the game come and go from your own private waterhole.

The magic of this experience is unsurpassed as guests go back to basics and focus on solitude, unity with the bushveld, and the wilderness surrounding them. As there is no electricity you will be supplied with lanterns and torches, meals and drinks, and a radio to contact the lodge with if required.

For more details, download our Fact Sheet

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